Futures in Circular Economy

Hinweis: Diese Veranstaltung findet auf Englisch statt.

Join our fair „Futures in Circular Economy“ to discover technologies & trends with the potential to pave the way towards a circular economy and connect with researchers, entrepreneurs and industry experts.

With engaging keynotes and hands-on side-workshops, you will get a unique opportunity to explore circular economy-relevant applications and their economic impact.

Find out how to keep durable resources in the (economic) loop, connect with SMEs, scientists and start-ups and discover the benefits of a circular economy for your successful business mission.

This fair encompasses a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from circular business models and partnership synergies to the latest material innovations on display. It offers a unique opportunity to engage with the latest ideas and trends in this rapidly evolving field.

Moderator Steffen Terberl, CEO of Business-Office Zukunftsorte Berlin, in collaboration with BAM (Federal Institute of Material Research) scientists will present their latest research results and patents.

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