Get to know every Zukunftsort


  • Berlin-Buch

    Researchers, physicians, entrepreneurs, patients – for all these Buch is the health location of Berlin.

  • Adlershof

    Berlin Adlershof is not only Germany‘s largest science and technology park.

  • Berlin SÜDWEST

    Berlin SOUTHWEST has been a traditional research location for over 100 years.

  • Berlin
    Campus Charlottenburg

    Campus Charlottenburg is one of Europe’s biggest innercity university campuses, situated in the urban centre of Berlin.

  • Siemensstadt-Square-Zukunftsorte-Berlin-Thumbnail

    Siemensstadt Square

    Siemensstadt Square: A forward-looking district is being created on the historic Siemensstadt site.

  • Tempelhof Airport

    Built in the 1930s and closed as an airport in 2008, the building is now being developed into a space for arts, culture and public use.

  • Zukunftsort TXL/Tegel: Der Tower und ein Teil des Hauptgebäudes des Flughafens Otto Lilienthal in Berlin-Tegel.

    Berlin TXL –
    Urban Tech Republic

    The former Berlin-Tegel Airport is making room for Berlin. On its 500-hectar grounds, Berlin TXL – Urban Tech Republic, a research and industrial park for urban technologies, Schumacher Quartier, a new residential district, as well as a 200-hectare landscape zone will be developed

  • Technologie-Park

    Germany’s oldest business incubator makes this place something special.

  • EUREF-Campus Berlin

    The EUREF-Campus Berlin is an innovative location with plenty of space for inspiration and networking.

  • CBP Pavillon im Berliner Zukunftsort CleanTech Business Park in Marzahn

    CleanTech Marzahn

    As Berlin’s largest industrial area, the CleanTech Business Park Berlin (CBP) off ers ideal parameters for manufacturing companies that specialise in sustainable and effi cient technologies, and thus off ers potential for both global players and small & medium-sized enterprises.

  • Wirtschafts- und Wissenschaftsstandort Berlin Schöneweide

    The Berlin Schöneweide Business and Science District, situated along the banks of the River Spree, offers a creative environment which is highly valued by globally successful companies active at the intersection of technology, science and design.

Berlin boasts 11 places where tomorrow’s future is being created today, places that make its innovative potential tangible. We believe that our future will be shaped by science and businesses working closely together. Berlin has countless scientific institutions, where ideas are forged, start-up funders and start-up centres providing support, and many technology centres, grown-up businesses, and established companies. Whatever you set out to do, this city has the person to talk to.

Utilising synergy effects is becoming increasingly important. Isolation and fragmentation are things of the past, cooperation is the future. This is what the ‘Zukunftsorte’ stand for. What makes these places so special is that they have all relevant actors working together. This outstanding innovative potential is being supported by Berlin’s decision-makers. Consequently, the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises is funding this association, which is one of a kind in Europe.

Berlin can make significant contributions based on concepts like excellence clusters and start-up city, and by attracting more innovation campuses by established companies, but its full economic and innovative potential goes way beyond this. Get to know our unique network today by contacting the ‘Zukunftsorte’ themselves or talking to us, the Zukunftsorte Business Office.