Siemensstadt Square

Goebelplatz 3, 13627 Berlin
  • 76 ha
  • 11,000 employees
  • 1,200 students

A district of the future – Open to new things

Siemensstadt Square: A forward-looking district is being created on the historic Siemensstadt site. Here tomorrow’s technologies become present and redefine the city as a living space. An open, livable and technologically pioneering new quarter. The project is a long-term and future-oriented commitment of Siemens to the Berlin location. It envisions developing the current Siemens site in Spandau into a state-of-the-art future location and incubator by 2030. With the combination of cutting-edge technology and new working and living environments, an ecosystem that is open to everyone and combines work, research, living and learning is to be created.