Siemensstadt 2.0

Goebelplatz 3, 13627 Berlin
  • Traffic technology & Mobility
  • Energy & Environmental technology
  • IT & Automation
  • 73 sqm
  • 11,000 employees
  • 1,200 students

The Siemensstadt: Open for something new

Siemensstadt 2.0: Freedom, tolerance and technological innovation on 700,000 sqm. An open, diverse and technologically pioneering new neighborhood is being created on the historic site of Siemensstadt. The project is a long-term and future-oriented commitment to Berlin as a business location and aims to develop today‘s Siemens site in Spandau into a state-of-the-art and future-proof incubator by 2030. By combining cutting-edge technology with new working and living environments, the aim is to create an ecosystem that is open to everyone and worth living in, bringing together working, research, living and learning.