Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic

Tegel Projekt GmbH, Lietzenburger Str. 107, 10707 Berlin
  • Traffic technology & Mobility
  • Energy & Environmental technology
  • IT & Automation
  • Microsystems & Materials
  • apx. 20,000 employees
  • apx. 1,000 companies
  • 211 sqm
  • 5,000 students

The dream of flying has come true. Time for new dreams.

The site of the former airport Berlin-Tegel is to be transformed into a research and industry park for urban technologies: Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic. A hub for companies, universities and institutes to research, develop and produce collaboratively. Berlin TXL focuses on what keeps the growing cities of the 21st century alive: the effi cient use of energy, sustainable building, eco-friendly mobility, recycling, networked control of systems, clean water and the use of new materials.