TechConnect Adlershof: Grand Challenges

Material Innovation: the role of new materials to enable the circular economy.

Solutions to complex (global) challenges rarely emerge from a single discipline. Instead, they require inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration. As the management of the science and technology park Adlershof, we recognise our role in fostering innovation and knowledge transfer to tackle these Grand Challenges, such as climate change, resource scarcity and biodiversity loss.

WISTA Management GmbH introduces „TechConnect Adlershof: Grand Challenges,“ an event series designed to be the epicentre of knowledge exchange for a dynamic community passionate about addressing the Grand Challenges. In this first event, we harness the transformative potential of material technologies and circular economy practices to propel us toward a sustainable future.

In today’s world, sustainability and climate-driven actions are non-negotiable. The intersection of our natural environment with the global economy has never been more urgent, calling for a comprehensive approach to resource use. Circular Materials Innovation offers a key to unlocking sustainable solutions across industries, reshaping economies and societies.

Material technologies are the driving force behind groundbreaking innovations that combat today’s pressing challenges. From healthcare to renewable energy, these technologies pave the way for sustainable consumption and production, reducing resource consumption while enhancing environmental protection. Circular economy principles, on the other hand, advocate for maximizing product and material value through extended lifecycles and closed-loop systems. Together, material technologies and the circular economy principles create a profound impact with the potential to address complex environmental challenges.

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